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Who We Are

Our customers have inspired us since our humble beginnings and have allowed us to be their hometown bank for many generations. We look forward to continuing that relationship for many more generations to come. AUB employees are proud of their deep roots in the communities we serve and are excited about cultivating those relationships in the future.
Aboor Union has seen many renovations through the years in an effort to keep up with the times and house the technology necessary to serve its customers. When banking first started everything was done by hand; each check and deposit was handled individually. As technology emerged more machines entered the picture, but were still hand-driven. Now, in contrast, deposits can be made via a mobile device as well as in person and images of checks and deposits are retained electronically.
Community involvement has always been a priority for the bank. Contributing funds to help support youth activities, employee-funded scholarships, educational programs and various other community events through the years have proven to be a benefit for the communities served.
Through the generations, as buildings and faces have changed, the communities’ support has remained constant.